Power-Up duration

Determining how long power-up effects should last.

Not all power-ups are created equal, some might provide a bigger upside than others and might benefit from being limited in some way.
For my triple-shot I want it to be a limited duration power-up.

_defaultPowerdownTime is time in seconds — I went with 5s

When the player collects the triple-shot powerup, ActivateTripleshot() is called on the Player. This in turn starts a coroutine that sets a triple-shot active to true, waits for a set amount of time (here 5 seconds), and then sets it to false, returning it to normal shooting behavior.

A different way to go about it could have the triple-shot be limited to a set amount of shots before it runs out.

It’s just a matter of trial and error to figure out what works best for the situation. To me, 5 seconds felt like a good way to go, not too short and long enough to feel the power.

Thanks for your time 😀



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